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How to gain weight fast For Women – 4 Crucial Tips to Building A Curvy Body

“Weight” is always a sensitive subject for the majority of women. While most women are trying to lose weight, some women are trying to gain weight. This obstacle of trying to gain weight is further compounded by unsolicited sometimes dangerous advice from jealous women who wished they were thin as well as advice from dodgy sources from the Internet. This article will reveal how to gain weight fast for women using these 4 crucial tips to building a curvy body.

Write Up A Weight Gain Plan

The first step towards achieving a sexy, curvy body is to write up a weight gain plan. This plan is crucial since it will guide you towards your goal. This plan will motivate you in times of adversity, to destroy procrastination and will keep you focused and on track if you get distracted. Within your weight gain plan you will need to list down how much weight you would like to gain, a time frame to reinforce that urgency, what foods to consume to bulk up, which exercises to build muscle, how frequently you train per week and when you plan to go to bed. These individual factors play a crucial role in the development of a curvier and more feminine body. If you mess up with any of these factors you will slow down your progress. I urge all women to write up a weight gain plan immediately upon reading this article to reinforce their commitment of achieving their dream body.

Choose Nutrient Dense Meals

Nutrition plays a vital role in how your body looks. Women who are trying to lose weight often say that nutrition is the hardest part of their weight loss program since they are faced with many temptations which could jeopardise their efforts in losing weight. The same applies for women trying to gain weight. You may consider than since you’re skinny you’re free to eat whatever’s in sight. This flawed thinking will only set you up for unhealthy eating habits later in life. Foods you should consume include brown rice, whole grain bread, rolled oats, pasta, chicken, turkey, salmon, full-cream milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yoghurt, eggs as well as high calorie fruits and vegetables. You should consume around four to six smaller meals throughout the day to provide a steady flow of nutrients for your muscles to grow.

Choose Compound Resistance Exercises

In addition to consuming nutrient dense meals one should incorporate compound resistance exercises into their workouts to build muscle to give that curvy look. You should focus your efforts on increasing the size of your hips, thighs and legs to give that curvy appearance. Exercises to use include deadlifts, barbell/dumbbell squats and leg press. You should also use other exercises to balance out your body so that no single muscle group is too strong or too weak in relation to other muscle groups. These exercises include push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips and bench press. Muscle groups that are too weak or too strong in relation to others will cause bad posture and greater chances of injuries. Combine a selection of these exercises in your workout program and train around three to four times per week for quick results.


Recovery is often overlooked simply because it doesn’t involve much effort. We are led to believe that building muscle requires only strenuous effort with little if any emphasis on resting. In fact we spend more time resting than we do exercising so we should in fact be placing more emphasis on recovery. We should be getting around six to eight hours of sleep every night however the majority of people simply don’t have enough time, how can we fix this? We can allocate more time in our lives by getting rid of time wasters such as watching TV or surfing the Net. These two notorious activities are the reasons why we don’t have enough time.

On average we watch about two to four hours of TV per day. In a week this gives us 14 to 28 hours that are lost. Add to that the time we spend on the computer each day. Typically we spend at least one hour per day online so that’s an additional seven hours of time wasted. All together around 21 to 35 hours of time is wasted, equivalent to a part-time job, If we seriously want to achieve our goal of a better body we must prioritise our goal of gaining weight above watching TV or surfing the net. When it comes to getting six to eight hours of sleep per night it is best to go to bed early and wake up early for optimum results. The best time to go to bed in my opinion is before 10pm since hormones are released between the hours of 11pm and 1am, the window of opportunity for transforming your body.

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