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Gain Weight Fast With These Ten Powerful Tips! Part -2

By the time you finish reading this you will have the basics down to eating to gain weight fast!

If You want to gain weight fast you have to eat right to gain weight! So here we will focus on this crucial yet misunderstood element to gain weight.

Gaining weight fast takes much more than just eating though. In following Parts of this course we will cover:

Lesson 2: Training To Gain Weight Fast

Lesson 3: Rest And Recuperation To Gain Weight

Lesson 4: Planning A Routine For Gaining Weight

Lesson 5: Supplements To Gain Weight

Lesson 6: Answers To Some Commonly Asked Questions about Gaining Weight.

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Each one of these jam packed lessons needs to be applied to your gain weight routine if you truly want to gain weight as fast as you can!

Let’s now continue with the rest of my Eating Tips To Gain Weight!

Gain Weight Tip-6: Eat “Power Meals” For Added Energy and To Gain Weight.

Power meals is the term I came up for a particular meal structure that if eaten at specified times during the day can boost your bodys ability to Gain Weight.

A power meal is basically a meal which comprises of a quick digesting source of protein and particular energy foods which also digest quickly and help to increase blood glycogen levels as fast as possible.

An example of this would be a quality whey protein powder blended with certain fruits.

Power meals are for these specified times only. Too many power meals will compromise building lean muscle by increasing fat gain and lowering your sensitivity to insulin.

Gain Weight Tip-7: Eat Foods Your Body Requires For Optimal Growth Hormone Production and Health.

To naturally produce hormones your body requires for gaining weight, specifically testosterone, you need to give it the building blocks it requires.

Testosterone is made from cholestrol ( simplified).

To gain weight by building muscle you need testosterone.

This is the main difference why males are more muscular than females.

It is because men have higher testosterone levels than females.

To give your body what it requires for optimal hormone production you require the right fats in your gain weight diet.

Examples of these fats would include:

coconut oil

animal fats


Essential oils



Stay away from trans fats and hydrogenated fats!!

Gain Weight Tip-8: Eat Enough Fibre

Fibre is not talked about much in relation to gaining weight but is important for digestive system health and nutritional assimilation.

It is also important to keep your digestive system moving and assimilating as much nutrient as it can per day. Kind of like an assembly line! The more production you can get out of your digestive system the more you can fuel your muscles for gaining weight!

Gain Weight Tip-9: Eat Enough Protein Per Meal

It is crucial you get enough protein per day and spread it out throughout your day. Protein requirements have been exaggerated for many years in the interests to sell more protein.

On the other hand protein requirements are definitely higher for a person or athlete training to gain weight than for a lazy couch potato hunting for his next show with a remote control!

At least one gram per pound of lean body mass is required to build muscle to gain weight and up to 1.5 grams per pound of lean muscle mass is optimal for heavy intense weight training.

Gain Weight Tip-10: Choose Your Supplements Wisely.

There are lots of supplements to choose from on the market and 99% of them are inferior to natural food for building muscle to gain weight. Natural food is higher in many naturally occurring vitamins and minerals benficial for muscle growth.

Stay away from weight gain powders. These are just empty calories not much different than most junk foods on the market.

Supplements that are worth trying are Creatine monohydrate , L Glutamine ( in moderation and carefully) and a good healthy protein powder without artificial sweeteners, colors and flavours( more on in a later lesson).

Gain Weight Bonus: Sample Meal Plan to Build Muscle:

As a little bonus here is a sample muscle weight gain meal plan for 2092 calories per day on your weight training days:

Meal 1:

1 banana

1 cup oatmeal

Meal 2:

1 scoop whey protein

1tbsp MCT Oil*

(several tips and recipes are available in my book to add delicious flavor)

Meal 3:

4oz chx brst

1cup spinach

1tbsp MCT Oil*

Meal 4:

1cup frozen strawberries

1 banana

1 kiwi

1 cup orange juice

2 scoops whey

Meal 5:

3 whole eggs

1 tbsp coconut oil

Meal 6:

1 scoop whey

1tbsp MCT Oil*

1/2 cup whole milk

Daily Totals: protein 166 grams/carbohydrates 144 grams/fats 84

grams/Calories 2092

Building muscle and gaining weight is no Fluke! You need to follow the above eating tips to build muscle mass fast to gain weight and combine your eating with an effective and proven training and recuperation program.

God Bless!

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How to gain weight fast – What to Eat to Gain Weight

Despite the common misconception, a lot of thin and underweight people want to learn how to gain pounds. The formula for success is actually quite simple – you need to consume more calories than your body can burn. Thus, you need to eat larger portions of food more frequently. However, not all foods will help you reach your goal in a healthy way.

It is important that you eat the right foods. Otherwise, you risk health deterioration along with weight gain. Some products contain healthier nutrients than others. You need to know what these are and how to include them in your diet.

Your diet needs to consist of around 65 per cent of carbohydrates so that you can gain weight fast in a healthy way. The best natural foods rich in these nutrients include whole grain pasta and rice. Potatoes are also considered a good source of healthy carbs. It is essential that you prepare these foods in a healthy manner as well. Boiled rice and potatoes are recommended. You can readily add flavor to them with herbs, spices and sauces. Avoid French fries and fried rice.

Proteins are essential for fast weight gain. They should form around 15 per cent of your diet. Healthy sources of protein include chicken, fish, lean beef, legumes (beans, lentils) and low-fat dairy products (cheese, milk, yogurt). You have plenty of options in this category so you can readily enjoy a diverse diet.

Again, you must cook the ingredients in a healthy way. For instance, you can readily marinate chicken breasts and put them in the oven to get cooked instead of going for fried chicken legs and wings. It should be pointed out that you should not hesitate to combine carbohydrate-rich foods with protein-rich ones. In fact, this should help you gain weight much faster. Serve fish with oven baked potatoes and beef meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta.

Vegetables and fruits are the best sources of vitamins and minerals so you should have plenty of these in your diet. Just remember that it is best not to stuff yourself with vegetables before you get to eat the dishes richer in calories. You can readily have a salad as a side dish. Just avoid fat-rich dressings. Some fruits such as bananas, papayas, mangos and apricots are more nutritious than others so you may include them in your diet more often. Get smaller portions of sugar-rich dried fruits such as raisins and dried figs and dates.

You need small amounts of healthy fats in your diet to gain weight fast. You should definitely cook with olive oil. You may want to add avocado to your tomato salad for getting more calories. Nuts and seeds are rich in healthy oils and various vitamins and minerals. You can readily enjoy them raw every time you want a snack.

Avoid junk food and sweets if you want to gain weight fast in a healthy way. It is true that a bag of chips will add greatly to your daily calorie intake, but this “food” is rich in fat and salt which are detrimental for your health. Similarly, it is much better to get sugar from fruits than from candy if you want to be protected from heart disease.

Originally posted here: How to gain weight fast – What to Eat to Gain Weight

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