Mini Cooper Power Steering Pump Repair

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Welcome to my Mini Cooper hobby page. I would like to share my experiences in doing repairs all by myself on my 2003  Mini Cooper S.

I started from oil leaks, powersteering pump rebuild and leak repair, power door lock actuator rebuild and Transponder key programming. I will try my best to keep my posts updated as well as pictures posted on my adventure doing all of this during my spare time.

Power Steering Pump repair:

I know that this will be the most expensive repair of all, vendors on ebay charge $200+ for a rebuild. While the hardest part of the work would be taking the pump out of the car, Rebuilding it isn’t that bad at all as long as you can solder and have the right tools for the job.

Disconnect the carbon brush copper wire from the board, this will let you separate the board completly from the motor assembly.

Once you have removed the pump and dis-assembled it, you will just need to blow off the carbon dust build up on the control board inside the pump, this is the main culprit of the pump failure, actually the controller fails to function because of the circuit board being shorted out by the conductive carbon powder from the brushes.

After  cleaning it with air, spray lots of contact cleaner to the board just to make sure it will be ready for the next step.

Once the contact cleaner dries off, need to spray some clear coat paint on the board and make sure that you tape off the contacts of the socket where the connector is going from the car(you get the idea). This step will prevent the carbon build up to short out the legs/contacts on the pcb again, making our fix semi permanent and alot better than what the guys at mini cooper designed it to be.

Let it dry for a day or two and re-assemble everything and make sure to tighten up the bolts and good luck intalling it back in the car.

I have mine working for 2 years now since I rebuilt it. (about 30,000miles still going strong)

Things you’ll need for the activity:

  • Set of metric socket (start from 8mm upto 18mm)
  • Set of torx driver, preferably socket type(you can attach to an impact driver)
  • Impact Driver(I have the 18v DeWalt DC827) makes life so much easier
  • Socket extensions
  • soldering iron and lead and flux(will use this to re-attach the brushes of the PS motor)
  • Clear coat in spray can.
  • Air Compressor or air spray can
  • Paper clip(will need this to re-install the carbon brushes
  • Rubber mallet (to reinstall the motor shaft)


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